Not all pages on your website are created equal. Just like the call to action on each of the pages vary, so should the widgets you display. With the Show on Selected Pages feature, you can add customize the display of widgets based on pages.

Why to use the feature?

Usually, a popup/slider/ topbar is shown on All pages of a website. However, there can be instances wherein you want to target a specific page or show widgets only to visitors on a specific post. Best of all, maybe you want to create separate widgets for different sections of your website.

Use the Show on Selected Pages feature to do all this & more. Read below how to easily configure it.

How to activate and configure it?

1. Show on Selected Pages feature is included in all premium packages. Once the purchase is complete, all the features from the package are automatically activated. You can see a notification like so

best popup for wordpress

2. Proceed to create a new popup and save it. Click on the popup Configure link.

best popup for wordpress3.A modal like the one shown beside is shown. Select the On which pages should the popup show option.

best popup for wordpress with autoresponder

4. There are quite a few options under this category and we will cover each of them separately. In the On which pages should the popup show up section, you can choose whether the popup shows on the home page or not, on product pages or not (if you have an e-commerce website)

popup with autoresponder yeloni

5. This section enables us to select posts/pages on which to show the widget.

popup with autoresponder yeloni

6. We can choose the set of pages by  Page Type, Category or Page Title. Under the ‘Page Type,’ we can choose between Posts, Pages or Products.

yeloni popup for wordpress

7. Under the Category section, we can set the popup to show only on posts under a given category. A list of categories currently on the website is shown as a list.

yeloni popup for wordpress

8. Under the Page Title section, we can set the popup to show only on posts based on their titles. A list of all posts/pages currently on the website is shown as a list.

Once the required configuration is made, go ahead and save the popup.

How to test it?

Trigger the popup on a set of pages you have set it to show and trigger it on a set of pages where it shouldn’t show. The popup should behave as expected.


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