In the digital age, the importance of generating new leads and keeping your customers engaged is very important. So email marketing is one of the best methods available for small businesses. Because it is very much affordable, easy and simple way to reach customers.

Generally, small business owners have limited marketing budgets. Advertising with google ads and social media became so expensive so email marketing helps them reach their marketing goals within low budgets.

Here are a few important tips for small businesses.

1. Make sure the signup form is easy and simple to subscribe on active pages on your website
2. Let subscribers know what to expect when they signup
3. Sending Welcome Email to your new subscribers
4. Make sure you send Relevant content to your subscribers
5. Avoid spamming
6.Analyzing the stats
7. Grow your email list

Let us dive into more details about the above-mentioned points.

1. Simple and easy signup process

Make sure the signup form is available on all pages of your website wherever your customers are active on. Keep the required fields short so that customers feel easy to sign up.


2. Let customers know what to expect

It is very important to let customers know what to expect from you after they signup. So give them the necessary information on signup form so they can decide if they want to be on the list or not.


3. Welcome Email

It’s always good to start a friendly relationship with your customers. A welcome email is a smart way to remind customers why they are on your list and to reassure them that you are going to share useful information. You can also send them special discounts, offers in the welcome email.

4. Send relevant content

The best way to send relevant content to subscribers is by enabling specific opt-outs, for example, users are interested to receive an email of a specific type like weekly or monthly deals, Newsletters, Notifications. Create a link to the preference page within your email for users to easily opt-out of emails that they don’t want to receive.

5. Avoid spamming

This is the most common mistake people do. So avoid spamming customers inbox with too many emails or misleading subject lines like

“ Did I leave my jacket at your place?”
“Urgent update your information”
“ Thanks for your order”
“About your order”

6.Checking the stats

Many email marketing service providers offer reports that contain useful information. By analyzing and understanding these reports will help you to improve your campaign going forward. Below is the screenshot of our email campaign report in Sendinblue.

7.Grow your email list

There are many ways to grow your email list. One of the intelligent ways is to use popups. Yeloni free exit popup helps you to convert visitors into subscribers by their attention-grabbing popups. Yeloni is already active on thousands of websites helping them to find new customers and increase sales through their beautifully designed popups.

Watch this tutorial which will help you in installing Yeloni Free Exit Popup plugin