Yeloni Optin Widgets provide seamless integrations with your favorite email providers. Some integrations are free and some can be unlocked for a small amount. Here’s how.

How can I activate and configure the addon?

1. Purchase any premium package which includes the feature ‘Connect with Email Provider’ using Paypal or Credit Card.Once done, here are the steps to activate and use this feature:

best wordpress popup

2. Once the purchase is complete, all the features from the package are automatically activated. You can see a notification like so.

yeloni email popup

3. Go ahead & create a new email subscription widget. After you choose a theme, a modal opens that asks you to choose an email provider.

email list building

We are continually integrating with popular email providers & this list of integrations grows pretty fast. Current, we support the following providers:

  1. MailChimp
  2. Aweber
  3. Active Campaign
  4. Sendy
  5. Store emails on your own website

You can store visitor emails on your WordPress website (by choosing the I don’t have an email provider option) and export the email list whenever needed.

Once done, continue with designing the widget as you would normally and save.

How to test for a successful integration?

list building wordpress

To test for successful integration, try subscribing using the name and email text boxes on the popup/action buttons.

email popup

A subscription confirmed message is shown after a successful signup.

In the free version of the plugin, all email subscribers are redirected to a yeloni page during registration. You can easily change this behavior and retain subscribers on your website (on the same page or take them to a custom page) using this feature. It is enabled by default within the email package that you purchased.

email popup wordpress

If the widget is configured such that the visitor remains on the same page after subscription, this message is shown instead of the email widget. This shows a successful signup.

After this, please check your subscriber list on the email provider’s platform. The new email should be reflected there. Please note that if there is a ‘double-optin’ feature enabled, the subscriber will be sent an email to confirm subscription. The email will be reflected on the list after the user confirms.


Please feel free to contact us at or ping us using the chat box below for any queries.