How do we build an effective sales funnel for our business?

Something that is simple to use and maintain, but converts leads into customers really well?

Similar questions on your mind? Read on!

This article covers the 5 steps in an effective sales funnel template. How each of these sales funnel’s stages are used to building user trust in our brand and some tips along the sales process to nurture loyal & happy customers.

Sales Funnel Template – 5 Stages:

Sales Funnel Step #1: Gather

In this stage, we focus on gathering leads who are facing a problem that our product is designed to solve.

Sales Funnel Step #2: Engage

This part of the marketing funnel is all about engaging those leads. Provide valuable content and keeping our brand on top of their minds is the goal.

Sales Funnel Step #3: Educate

This is where the sales process gets interesting. Using the 80/20 rule, in this lead funnel stage, we focus on introducing our product to the customers. We clearly show how it can solve their problems.

Sales Funnel Step #4: Convert

Using time bound offers, we try to convert the leads into customers.

Sales Funnel Step #5: Refer

In this stage of our marketing funnel, we give our happy customers ways & reasons to speak about our brand and bring in referrals.

All of these sales pipeline stages represent stages through which our ideal customer navigates before and while interacting with our products. More about this & the tools to use in each of these stages are mentioned here.

To make it easy for you, we have created a simple (but invaluable) online sales funnel template that you can download right away (for free) and get started designing your own sales funnel template that best suits your ideal customer.



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