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Write to us on to apply. You’ll be given a unique affiliate link that you can share with your customers, on your website, social media, video tutorials — however you choose.


Use our infographics & email templates to share with customers whom Yeloni can add value to. Yeloni adds high converting widgets on websites, which have proven to improve sales by converting leaving visitors into customers.


Once a customer subscribes to the premium plan, you will be paid 20% or more one-time commission at the end of the month. Our plans range from $4.99, $49. Here’s how your earnings increase with the number of referrals you make in that month:

No. of Sales/month Commission (one-time)
1-5 sales 20% of sale value
6-10 sales 30% of sale value
11-50 sales 40% of sale value
51+ sales 50% of sale value

Promotion ideas to get You started

Blog Posts:

1. How easy/difficult was it to setup Yeloni compared to other tools?

2. How you / your client generate leads using Yeloni in your specific industry

3. What is your marketing stack and how Yeloni fits in?

4. Drop us a link to your blog and we will assist you to find posts where Yeloni can fit into your existing content.


1. Mention Yeloni in your existing newsletters or any communication you send to your clients.

2. Add a ‘Partnered with Yeloni’ footer at the bottom of your emails.

3. Send an email about Yeloni to your existing clients. To save time, ping us for awesome email templates.

4. Can you club Yeloni with your current offer and add more value to your clients?

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