How can your WordPress exit popup bring in more subscribers, without annoying them?

Here are 5 tips to help you create a killer exit popup.

Design a High Converting WordPress Exit Popup


There are appealing popups which gently nudge the visitor towards the desired action and convert better – and then there are popups that are simply annoying. We all want to design the first ones!

So what really makes a good popup? Is it the design? The colors? The imagery or just the verbiage? A little bit of everything if you ask me. In this article, I have summarized the 5 important ones. This post is an extract from my eBook “25 Tips to Creating a High Converting Popup“. If you would like to download it for Free, leave a comment below.

Ready? Let’s get started.

1. It’s all about your visitors

A user persona is the first step to getting to know them. A “User Persona” is a representation of your ideal customer – the living and breathing people who will engage with your product. Though it might seem complex, it is actually pretty easy to create (though it takes some work) and is one of the best things you would do as a new business owner.

All a user persona is – is a list of social & demographic characteristics of your user, their desires & goals, their habits, their problems, and their patterns. Though the user persona is hypothetical, all the data that you enter into the persona should be backed by lots of research, interviews & analysis.

Here is an awesome article that shows you how to easily create a user persona. If you are more of a techie person, here is a free online tool to create one.

Once you have a user persona, ask yourself why is the user on your website?

What are their current problems to which you have the solution for?

Once you have a clear answer, design your WordPress exit popup accordingly. Your popup should address the problem they have and show them a Call-to-Action (more on this below) that provides an easy solution to that problem.

2. Power words

Language influences minds and drives emotion. Words not only have the power to convey your message across to the other person, but they can also instantly motivate the person to perform an action.

According to psychologists, some words are proven to have an effect on the person’s subconscious mind – either to drive action or to instill a sense of urgency. Depending on your WordPress exit popup’s context, use words such as:






How To, etc.,

Here is a list of power words that you can add to your headline. Here is another one that also explains why, and this article lists about 640 of them!

3. Have a single & very clear Call-to-Action button

CTA button is a button. People are wired to look for similarities and patterns. On the web, a button is to be clicked and this is what will drive conversions. People see a button and they know what to do.

The text on the button is the most important part of the WordPress exit popup. Make it relevant and personalized. Please don’t do the old school ‘submit’. Here are some innovative examples of good verbiage.

Show Me How

Get The eBook

Take Me There

Count Me In

See Business Plans

Here are some good examples of good and bad CTA buttons and how you can design your CTA better.

4. Delayed or on exit

It is a good idea to let the visitor do what he came to the website for. Be it reading an article, making a purchase or just performing a task. WordPress Exit Popups have a bad name in the industry because they are “intrusive and annoying”. This is because they are shown at the wrong time to an unsuspecting visitor!

Delayed or Exit popups convert well because, by the time the visitor sees the popup, he has already completed the task at hand and is looking for what is to be done next.

You can also use Exit intent to redirect the users who finished your article and were about to leave, or you can show a time-bound discount to users who are leaving without making a purchase.

Customize the popup according to your website’s content and test what works best for your audience.

5. Test Test & Test

WordPress Exit Popups are not a do-it-once and forget type of thing. To get a truly high converting widget, it is vital to test them, tweak them, test them again and repeat.

Some of the first things to test on your popup are the Call-to-Action (CTA). The button color, size, placement and the verbiage, all of them matter.

We have seen a 25% increase in conversion rate by just a change of button color. A good understanding of color psychology comes in handy when deciding on a color.

Another important thing to test is the CTA verbiage. Do your visitors respond well to a personal tone or professional? Does adding urgency increase conversions? How about social proofing and showing some numbers?

Consider all these factors and test out the popup. The average conversion rate in the industry today is 9% – but some websites get more than 30-35%. The best way to know what works best for you is to find it by trial & error.

We hope these tips helped you. If it did, please do let us know in the comments below.

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This article is a tit-bit from the eBook “25 tips to creating a high converting popup”. Get your FREE copy of the eBook by commenting below.

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